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Green Tips When Upgrading Your Kitchen

Did you know it's illegal to dispose of paint in the trash or dumping it down the drain? If you're no longer going to need that excess paint, there are several solutions out in the market that will appropriately get rid of unwanted paint. It is a specific type of material that absorbs the paint, making sure that it won't be a hazard to the environment. It's pretty inexpensive as the prices start at five dollars!...

Silestone Care & Maintenance

Silestone is the perfect merger of beauty and easy care. This quartz surface is hard as a rock - only topaz, sapphires and diamonds are harder - and it offers crystalline depth of color. But unlike other stone surfaces, Silestone is dense and absolutely nonporous, so it never needs sealing or polishing. Please Download Silestone Care and Maintenance information for further reference....

What is Silestone?

The beauty of Silestone is endless. Silestone has bridged the gap between nature and technology, bringing elegance to every home with surfaces that are virtually maintenance free. Silestone is composed of 93% quartz aggregates. The finest selection of quartz particles are mixed with binders through a high-tech compression and heating process. The result is a dimensionally consistent material with an attractive appearance that is stronger and more durable than natural stone....

Granite Beyond the Kitchen

So you already have a granite countertop in your kitchen that you’re completely in love with. Maybe it makes you feel like you’re in a showroom kitchen in Ikea or in a cooking show set. Every time you have a party, no visitor passes by and fails to compliment it. How can such a simple change result in something so dramatic? We all know something this special shouldn’t be concerned in only one room in your house....

How to Clean Granite Countertops

Blot up spills immediately, before they penetrate the surface. Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap (available in hardware stores or from a stone dealer), or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. soft, clean cloth to clean the granite. Rinse after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft, clean cloth....