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Choosing Your Granite Countertops is an Adventure!

Granite comes from volcanic rock. Previously, you’d find it only in 5-star hotels and palaces. Today, it’s a popular choice for kitchens everywhere. WHY GRANITE? With granite, each countertop is inherently unique – so yours will not be exactly the one Joneses installed last week, even though it may be very, very similar. That also means you may want to visit our showroom to see the actual piece you’re buying. Granite is quarried all around the world, producing a great array of available colors. Granite is the second hardest material after diamonds. That means that if your kitchen knife and your granite counter top...

Nature brings much more than a million years of volcanic rock

Nature has been working hard for the past 10 million years or so, and have been surprising us and giving us beautiful unimaginable stone designs from underneath the earth's crust. Explore your unique taste with natural stone. Granite is one of the seven wonders of stone in my opinion – six of the others that I will be discussing in the future on this blog – and its brilliant for solving som eof the most intricate surface problems that you can imagine, specifically within home; surface problems such as kitchen countertops, bar tops, laundry rooms, dining tables, shelves, and believe it...

Granite Countertops Masterpiece

What do you see when you look closely at your granite countertops sitting on top of your cabinets in your kitchen? Probably nothing significant at first glance, but its there. What you might ask? what's in my granite tops? Let me see if I can take you for a ride within natures masterpiece. Because I work on this industry, I happen to be sitting at my desk and starring at my granite. Yes, I have a granite countertop desk, and it happens to be Uba Tuba. It’s nothing fancy but I can tell you that it makes everything on my desk...

The Importance of Planning a Good Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the most utilized room in your house, and therefore also the most important one.  Central to most family interaction and consumption, the design of your kitchen should reflect your unique lifestyle.  So whether you are planning your new kitchen, or redesigning/remodeling an old one, your kitchen’s design is important not only to you and your family, it is also important to possible future users, such as growing children, aging parents or the next homeowner.  There are many ways to approach the design of your kitchen for any of these purposes, but first and foremost, you should take...

Cambria Quartz Countertops

Cambria Quartz Countertops are HOT! Not sure how else to start this article. If you are tired of your old formica, corian, or even granite countertops, then you really need to look at this man-made option of engineered stone material - and best of all? its manufactured in the United States of America, that's right, our own unique product conceived and made in the most beautiful country in the world!...

Eco-friendly Countertops For the Future

More and more people are increasingly becoming eco-conscious. This is a good thing since we’re responsible for providing a clean and safe environment for generations to come. Our children’s children would want to breathe fresh air instead of using a mask to prevent inhalation of toxic air. We’d also want them to enjoy camping trips in the woods and swim in lakes instead of being stuck indoors, right? Therefore, we have to take small steps in changing our environment. We can start out simple: by recycling and switching our things to something more eco-friendly. At Granite Kitchen Countertops, we give you...

Preserving Granite Countertops

Switching to granite countertops is a decision one will never regret. It’s one of the best investments that will not just increase the value of your home, but the overall kitchen experience. But just like any investment for your home, proper maintenance and early prevention is key to making your countertop looking like it’s brand-new....

Highlighting Your Countertops

Congratulations on your new granite countertop! It’s truly a treasure to behold in the house for years to come. However, for those who’ve had it for a while, it may have lost its pizzazz. Of course, this is a natural tendency: New things don’t stay new. When you look at it, if you still take the time to do so, you feel… eh nothing. Sure, it looks and feels new, but it just doesn’t excite you anymore. So what’s there to do?...

Granite as Unique as You

We’ve all heard about how each slab of granite is unique. Sure, to the untrained eye, the slabs may look similar. But from its design, its structure, and its colors – no slab is the same, just as how we, as individuals, are different. And so, to make your counter top present the unique design you have in mind, we suggest adding a shape to it. It sounds like a simple suggestion, but it’s more complicated than it seems....