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What is Silestone?

Designing the perfect environment starts with a selection of the right materials, and that’s where Silestone comes in. Silestone is an engineered quartz surface that looks, feels and weighs like natural granite and marble. Yet its strength, hardness and competitive price make it the superior choice over natural stone or plastic solid surfaces. Silestone is selected by thousands of customers, architects and designers for use as kitchen counter tops, bathroom, vanities, flooring and fireplace surrounds.

Beyond Beauty

The beauty of Silestone is endless. Silestone has bridged the gap between nature and technology, bringing elegance to every home with surfaces that are virtually maintenance free. Silestone is composed of 93% quartz aggregates. The finest selection of quartz particles are mixed with binders through a high-tech compression and heating process. The result is a dimensionally consistent material with an attractive appearance that is stronger and more durable than natural stone.

Color and Depth

First introduced 20 years ago in 12 original colors, Silestone has evolved its color palette over and over leading to more than 50 color selections. Each color is carefully designed and formulated to please the eye while simultaneously matching the most current trends in fashion and style.

To view colors please visit our Silestone color palette


SileStone has received Certification under NSF 51 as a safe material for use in areas where food preparation could take place. The National Sanitation Foundation is the leading global provider of public health and safety risk management solutions. Since 1944, NSF has been certifying products and writing standards that help protect food, water, air and consumer goods. SileStone has received GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as safe for use in commercial and residential indoor spaces. SileStone protects indoor air quality because it has low-to-no emission; that is, no off-gassing of toxic chemicals into the indoor air. SileStone contributes to an environmentally sensible project in keeping with today’s ‘green conscious’ building


Silestone is a non-porous material and does not require the use of sealants and impregnators to maintain its attractive finish. With only a small fraction of the liquid absorption rate of granite or acrylic, it is ideal for use in areas prone to spills and stains. In fact, any detergent will clean Silestone’s polished surface. And with hardness and thermal ratings many times that of marble and plastic laminates, Silestone withstands typical wear and tear beautifully.


Whatever your design preferences, Silestone is the perfect choice. Available is a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, Silestone perfectly complements other materials like tile, metal, wood and glass. This design flexibility allows to build a home that truly reflects your sense of style.

Stain Resistant:

Silestone is a non-porous material; therefore it is virtually stain resistant. Stains that are normally permanent such as wine, juice, markers or ink are easily wiped clean with soap and water or an over-the-counter liquid cleaner.

Scratch Resistant:

Silestone is highly scratch resistant. Under normal household use, knives, keys, toys or any item that would normally cause damage to regular counter tops will have no effect on Silestone.

Heat Resistant:

Without the worry of warping, Silestone tolerates temperature for brief periods of time. The perfect material for anyone who has experienced the occasional mishap of placing a hot pan on a kitchen counter top.

Wear Resistant:

Silestone completes the look of any room and is ideal for high traffic areas. Gone are the days of waxing, polishing and sanding. Silestone’s highly resistant properties guarantee a high gloss shine throughout time.

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