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How to Choose Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Is it time to update the look of your kitchen with new countertops? Perhaps you are considering transforming your bathroom into a relaxing, welcoming space to spend some time. When you get started on these projects, focus on your granite countertops as the first decision you make. Granite, one of the hardest materials in the world, is also one of the best choices for most kitchens and bathrooms, regardless of the style of your space. How can you choose granite to fit every need?
As a trusted and experienced granite fabricator and installer serving Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, you can depend on our team to help you with the entire project.

How to Match Granite Countertops with Your Cabinets

When choosing granite countertops to add to your existing kitchen, you have to take into consideration the actual cabinetry and other materials within the space. The cabinets, making up the largest focal point alongside your countertops, need to match well with your granite choice. You also want to consider the wide range of features that you want to stand out or blend in. Here’s some insight into how to choose the best granite countertops colors.

Granite Gallery

Every Block of Granite Is Unique

One of the most important things to know about granite countertops for your kitchen is that they are going to be unique. Every block of this material has a bit of a difference in terms of color, shade, lines, and texture. No two pieces of granite are going to match, and there is no pattern that you can find available consistently either. What’s important to remember here is that finding a perfect match isn’t the right route to take. Instead, allow your granite to be a stand out feature of the space.

When Possible Choose Granite First

If you are looking for kitchen granite countertops or new countertops for your bathroom, choose the granite itself first. Do this before you chose the cabinetry as this can provide the best overall control over the finished look. If you don’t plan to replace the cabinets, it is possible to choose granite to match them, but you aren’t going to get a perfect match every time

Contrast or Compliment

You have two main options when it comes to choosing granite for these spaces. You can select granite that compliments the cabinetry colors and styles. Or, you can allow the granite to take center stage by allowing it to stand out. Either option is just fine. Many people fall in love with a slab of granite, and that allows them to set the tone for what’s to follow.

Granite compliments the cabinetry colors

Granite stand out

Matching Granite Colors to Cabinetry

Let's say you are considering all of the granite countertop colors available to you today. You need to learn which colors work well. Here are some basic ideas to get you started.

Medium and Dark Granite Countertops

Many of the granite countertops available today fall into this range. They are a bit darker and more earth tone in color. You will find plenty of options here, ranging from Tan Brown Granite to the Golden Sparkle Granite. These are darker in tone and, therefore do well with wood that’s natural colored. If you look at these granites closely, many feature earth tones that match well with your typical wood-colored cabinets, including darker colors like cherry and brighter woods like oak.

If you already have oak cabinets, dark granite counters work well because they contrast each other easily. Look for a medium or brown color granite to get the best effect here.

Giallo Ornamental

Magma Gold


White Granite Countertops, White Kitchen Cabinet

White is a very big trend in kitchens today. White cabinetry is one of the most sought-after options. When it comes to matching white granite countertops with your cabinets, you’ll find this can be easy to do. If you have white cabinetry right now, you can choose any color of countertop that fits your goals. In some situations, you can go with a white-based granite that has flecks or more significant amounts of color streaked through it. You can also choose a color that’s more dominant, such as a steel grey or black granite. That can create a more contrasting look for your kitchen.
A variety of granite countertops can work with your white cabinets. For example, White Alamo is an ideal choice if you want a mostly white kitchen. It has some areas of grey and black in it that offer a bit of contrast. Salinas White, Aspen White Granite are another options. It has a more marbled look to it and works very well if you want to keep the white look. There are some gray veins running through it.

White Alamo

Salinas White

Aspen White

Alaska White Granite is a very popular option for those who want a very stark look. It has some beautiful veins with feldspar and even some coloring of translucent quartz in it. It works well if you have a kitchen that is mostly white and have stainless steel appliances.

Alaska White Countertops

Alaska White Slab

Now, consider the opposite of this. Some people want to use their white cabinetry and want the countertop to be a stark opposite. For example, the Absolute Black Granite is a nearly black granite color. This can create a very elegant and sophisticated look. Another option is the Black Galaxy Granite, which can contrast against white cabinetry well. This option has a more gray color to it, though it has some white coloring in it. Ocean Black Granite works well if you want more than just black to your granite. It has a mixture of Black with white stripes.

Absolut Black

Black Galaxy

Tan and Brown Countertop

Let’s consider this more neutral coloring for your countertops. Tan and brown granite can work well for a variety of surfaces, especially if you want a more rustic look to your kitchen or bathroom. They are lighter than your dark countertops, and they tend to be a bit software than choosing a white-based granite. Nevertheless, they can work well in a contemporary kitchen or even one that’s inspired by Tuscany. It’s an outstanding range of colors that can work in many ways.
Some of the most popular types of tan and brown countertops include Caravelas Gold and Desert Brown Granite. A Brown Persa can work well because it has a mix of gray, cream, and beige. Petrouse Gold has a strong golden tone to it with some creamy beige with light veining. Lapidus works well for those who want a bit of drama with the black specs that are included. It works well with any type of light colored cabinets.

Caravelas Gold

Brown Persa

Lapidus Granite

Petrouse Gold

For this range of colors, a white cabinet can be okay. However, you can also use these colors of granite to help offset a darker wood-colored cabinet. A lighter beige, for example, can help to soften the tones associated with cherry cabinets. You can also use these colors with any other light color cabinet as well.

Tan and Brown Granite Countertop

Tan with Golden veins

Choosing the Countertop Edge

Another careful decision you will need to make is about the edge of the countertop. In every case, this is a personal decision based on the profile and feel of the edge that you like. It can include a range of details or be very soft.
For example, in a more modern space, the use of a straight edge granite countertop can work well. It helps to keep the clean lines of the granite. You can also choose other options such as a rounded edge along the top. This works well to keep from having any sharp edges. There are several styles of round to chose, too, based on dimensions. Other popular types of edges include the demi bullnose, which offers a smoother, curved edge, and the ogee, which has a more stepped look to it. You may want a waterfall variety, a popular option for those who want a more detailed edge to their countertop. Another popular option is the bevel, at various inches. Bevels have a straight portion at the curved.

How to Get a Quote and More Information About Your Countertop Options

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