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Granite as Unique as You

We’ve all heard about how each slab of granite is unique. Sure, to the untrained eye, the slabs may look similar. But from its design, its structure, and its colors – no slab is the same, just as how we, as individuals, are different. And so, to make your counter top present the unique design you have in mind, we suggest adding a shape to it. It sounds like a simple suggestion, but it’s more complicated than it seems. By doing so, you can add flare, add space, and overall enhance the feel to your kitchen.

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There are two ways you can shape granite: conservatively or radically. Conservative shaping refers to modifying the edges. It may seem not much like a change, but it’s a noticeable and it makes a difference. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, it can add a subtle pizzazz and tie the elements of the design better. For instance, a bullnose edge would suit a minimalist design more than a double ogee. The clean, circular edge reinforces the streamlined feel to it as opposed to a double ogee’s more artsy structure.

On the contrary, radical shaping refers to changing the form of the slab itself. This isn’t as much of a demand as the former one, so it’s more rare. Therefore, this would be perfect for those who crave an avant-garde design. Maybe you kitchen you’ve been dreaming of is futuristic and you want a kitchen island in a shape of a teardrop. Perhaps you’ve always wanted an outdoor theme and you’ve been wishing the counter to resemble a leaf. Anything can be done with such a great piece of stone. Just some imagination is needed.

You don’t have to get a plain and normal-looking countertop if your aesthetics don’t match it. If you plan to get a granite countertop, consider these before settling on the cheapest style out there. We understand that the labor in transforming granite can be pricey. However, it will be worth it when you find yourself staring at your countertop, smiling just because it looks so good.

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