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Three Simple ways to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Feng shui. We’ve all heard about it, although we’re sometimes not sure how to properly pronounce it. In essence, it’s a way to improve a living space, making it more cozy and inviting to everyone. Homeowners who have garnered the way of Feng Shui are amazed by the difference it made with just a few changes. However, if you’re a bit skeptical and all this sounds too superstitious, don’t rule it out just yet! You have nothing to lose if you try a couple of the following changes in your kitchen.


A small plant on your granite countertop or your window sill can make a huge impact in the vibe of your kitchen. It’s a way of bringing nature into your home. Not only does it give a pop of color in an otherwise bland design, it detoxifies the air inside too. Just make sure to take care of them and water them according to their needs. If you’re not into plants and you know you wouldn’t be able to take care of them, adding a bowl of fruits would be the perfect replacement.

Fresh plants

Natural sunlight is the best way to illuminate your kitchen and your whole house in general. Try imagining a home with only a couple of small windows. It can give off a feeling of claustrophobia especially when the room is poorly-lit, right? Not to mention depressing.

Therefore, a kitchen with ample amount of sunlight makes the room more spacious and livelier. A healthy dose of sunshine also promotes a sense of happiness and who wouldn’t want that? If you don’t have a window, just make sure that the space is well-lit. If it’s blinking or it takes a while to turn on, change the bulb. You can install under-the-cabinet lights too to enhance the overall atmosphere and emphasize your kitchen countertop. And don’t forget about the taking advantage of dimmer switches!


This is probably the most critical yet easiest thing to do. This aspect of Feng Shui is important since it involves the flow of your kitchen space. Everything that you don’t need should be thrown or given away. Have an broken ice cream maker that you’ll probably never use? Chuck it, or fix it and give it to a friend who wants it. Holding on to things you’re not regularly using only clutters your house. Optimizing accessibility and cleanliness is a top priority to increase the energy and comfort levels in any room.

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