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Highlighting Your Countertops

Congratulations on your new granite countertop! It’s truly a treasure to behold in the house for years to come. However, for those who’ve had it for a while, it may have lost its pizzazz. Of course, this is a natural tendency: New things don’t stay new. When you look at it, if you still take the time to do so, you feel… eh nothing. Sure, it looks and feels new, but it just doesn’t excite you anymore. So what’s there to do? No need to get a new one. It’s all about playing up its surroundings so that everything is complimentary.


Adding lights will bring attention to anything it shines upon. The ceiling light doesn’t help much since its purpose is to illuminate the kitchen overall. But if you add small lights under the cabinets, your counter will just pop. Most people opt for puck lights or strip lights, but both get the job done. From seeing the little glints of stones that comprise your countertop to what you’re cooking up for dinner, lights serve as a quick fix when it comes to accentuating your granite.

Backsplash and cabinets

Having cabinets that are of a different color can do wonders on making your countertop stand out. This is when color theory comes into play. A color tool online or a design consultant would be especially helpful in this situation. If replacing isn’t in your budget, you can easily just paint them for a fresher color. And if you don’t already have a backsplash, consider investing in one. It makes it easier to clean splashes from cooking (hence the name) and it enhances the look of your kitchen.


What do showrooms have in common? They’re all neat and tidy. Now we don’t recommend keeping your kitchen immaculately clean. It’s almost impossible to do so and it will only result in having a cold and uninhabitable room in your house. However, maintaining the mess to a minimum will help you appreciate your countertop better.


Whatever your design preferences, Silestone is the perfect choice. Available is a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, Silestone perfectly complements other materials like tile, metal, wood and glass. This design flexibility allows to build a home that truly reflects your sense of style.

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These changes would remind you of the countertop you once loved. It would be a shame to just take it for granted. It would also increase the value of your home in the process. We understand that it’s the overall look that matters. Nevertheless, if the individual pieces clash, then the feel of the room would be discombobulated. Therefore, these improvements are worth considering if you want a kitchen that you’d be proud of.

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