Gray Mist Granite quarried in India. Gray Mist features are the dark and light gray that highlighted by warmer tons and create second to none beautiful natural movement.

Design Tip for Gray Mist

In general Gray and white granite, colors work wonderfully well with white, black, gray and espresso cabinets.

Here are a few tips for matching granite and cabinetry in your kitchen.
The first decision is Compliment granite countertop and cabinetry or contrast? Complimentary matching involves a granite countertop and a cabinet set that are similar in color.on the other hand, Contrasting matching, based on matching a dark colored granite countertop with light colored cabinetry, or vice versa.
The second decision is to select granite colors. For a realistic idea of how cabinet and Granite will match you can take a cabinet drawer with you when you go pick out your granite color.

Primary Color(s)

Slab Details

Thicknesses : 3 CM

Slab Informations