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Our Granite Countertops Services

At Granite and Marble Express, we understand the need to install a functional kitchen model that allows you to prepare meals with ease. For more than two decades, we have provided premium quality granite countertops with high efficiency and impressive aesthetics. Our countertops are customized to meet your needs and accompanied by both material and quality craft warranties. Whether you seek kitchen granite countertops or want a custom bathroom countertop for instant visual appeal and efficiency, Granite and Marble Express works with your requirements in mind. Here’s an overview of our top granite countertops.

Indoor Kitchen Granite Countertops

There’s a wide range of granite countertop options you can choose for your kitchen. When installing a new kitchen or remodeling to scale to your needs, granite countertops allow you to customize to your satisfaction. We can help you install countertops for your kitchen cabinets, islands and backsplashes. We have various Granite Slabs you can choose from. Once you select a granite slab, we will begin production and ensure your kitchen are ready for use within a week’s turnaround. Our team can install all custom kitchen granite countertops.

Bathroom Granite tops

Bathroom countertops should be functional, durable and beautiful. At Granite and Marble Express, we focus on providing high-quality granite cuts with water-shedding properties and solid impermeable surfaces treated for maximum longevity. Our remodelers will help you identify the best bathroom granite countertops based on your needs. We encourage full customization so you can transform your bathroom into a haven or spa-like getaway. Our countertops come with a promise of durability, easy maintenance and quick installation. We install all bathroom countertops, including vanity countertops, shower wall, bathtub surrounding, bathroom shelves and more.

Outdoor kitchen Granite Countertops

Outdoor kitchens give you the chance to host memorable parties in your backyard or lawn. You will need countertops to provide your outdoor kitchen with space for meal preparation and dining. We can also install granite countertops where your guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Once contracted, our team will verify all the details and requirements, take measurements, finish fabrications and complete installation within the shortest possible turnaround. Like all our granite surfaces, you will get lengthy material and quality craft warranties for your outdoor kitchen countertops.

Other Granite Countertops

Granite and Marble Express doesn’t stop at the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Several other rooms and areas can benefit from an extra granite countertop. We can install aesthetic countertops for your swim-up pool surround, bars, outdoor sheds, deck granite countertops and other amenities in your home

Selecting Granite Countertops

Granite surfaces are easy to use and maintain. They are also very durable, especially for outdoor projects, and come in various color and cut choices. Our warehouse has over 2,000 granite slabs you can choose for your project. We also install fully customized granite countertops of all sizes and cuts. If you are new to granite countertops, we will help you understand existing options to determine your space’s best designs.

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Granite and Marble Express has provided premium quality granite countertops for over 21 years. We serve Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Our remodelers install both granite and marble countertops for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor amenities.
You can request a free estimate, which includes the cost of our granite slabs, measurement and layout, fabrication, installation, plumbing and more. Whether you are installing new countertops for your new home or performing an upgrade, we will get the best options for your budget. You can call us back at any time if you aren’t satisfied with the result.
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